Networking and Network Security 

Routing and Switching

From simple Internet connectivity to multi-point, cross-country virtual private networks, FDIT can install, configure, and maintain a network to satisfy any business need using a variety of enterprise-level hardware, including Cisco routers and Dell PowerConnect switches.

Cisco Equipment

FDIT has years of experience configuring and maintaining Cisco routers, and can implement connectivity, VPN dial-in, encrypted tunnels, firewalls, intrusion detection, QOS, and policy routing.

Maintenance and Support

Proactively maintain your network and quickly solve problems when they arise.

DNS and Domain Name Setup

We can assist with procuring a domain name and setting up your new or current domain with proper DNS and MX records.

VPN and IPSec Private networks

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology by Full Dimension makes it easy for administrators to establish a secure and extensive VPN that is easy to manage and administer. For secure site-to-site communication, Full Dimension firewalls include integrated IPSec VPN, and for remote client-to-host secure access, Full Dimension offers both IPSec VPN and PPTP VPN connectivity options. Full Dimension also has a full line of VPN appliances available, which offer remote access and management capabilities to organizations of all sizes with varying network complexities and security requirements.